Luke’s Liquor Options

Option One

Host has an all inclusive. Full bar, Beer and Wine

Option Two

Host has an all inclusive. Full bar, Beer and Wine but has a cost Cap and where the bill will stop at.

Open bar but would like to stop at a fixed price the host would like to set the amount at. Example; I want my guest to have everything but I do not want to spend more then $600

Option Three

Beer and Wine Bottles that you have Choosen. We recommend 6 out of our thirty Draft beers. (you Can pick your choices)

  1. Coors Light/Bud Light
  2. Sulpin Ipa
  3. Refuge Blood Orange Wit Hef
  4. Downtown Brown (Dark Stout)
  5. Firestone 805

The wine bottles we suggest 4/5 different bottle choices off our wine list. We only charge for what is opened.

Option Four

Drink Tickets, you decide on how many tickets you would like to offer and we suggest a price of $10 per ticket, so no doubles or expensive liquors.

Option Five

We Customize a combination

All liquor will be put on the Personalized Menu, so it is clear what is being offered. We also can do no liquor option. This is called Cash N Carry. The Servers let the guests know that everything is taken care of, but if they would like anything from the bar,  a check will be delivered to whomever orders.